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  • PINS HOME of the project: PINS (working on)

  • OCPbasic (Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Huber) An optimizer for solving optimal control problems. OCPbasic is using a direct discretization method for state-constrained optimal control problems and an interior-point method for solving the corresponding nonlinear optimazation problem. The optimizer uses structure exploitation in the fully discretized, state constrained optimal control problem f or solving the linear equation systems of the interior-point method.

    HOME of the project: IPbasic

MATLAB toolboxes


This is my rewrite of Peter Carbonetto MATLAB interface for IPOPT a software package for large-scale ​nonlinear optimization.


A set of C++ classes with MATLAB mex interface which implements many spline interpolation tasks.


G1 and G2 fitting with clothoids, spline of clothods, circle arc and biarc

Embedded Figlet

A C++ library which implement a subset of Figlet capability.


A small header only library for the computation of orthogonal polynomial and Gauss-Legendre quadratures.


A large collection of tests (~500) for testing nonlinear system solver

PSO and DE

Particle swarm and Differential Evolution MATLAB classes

Linking Number

A C++ class with MATLAB interface for the computation of the linking number.

C++ libraries


A C++ class that permit to store eterogeneous data with C, LUA, MATLAB, RUBY, JSON interface. Permits easy exchange of data between C++ and scripting languages.

Polynomial Roots

Port to C++ of the algorithm of Norbert Flocke for polynomial roots up to degree 4. Also Jenkins-Traub real polynomial root finder is ported but is experimental for the moment.


A set of utilities for easy C++ development.

  • Malloc class

  • Console class with terminal coloring

  • TicToc for timing code

  • Thread Pool class

  • Quaternions

Lapack Wrapper

A C++ wrapper that simplify interfacing with (a subset) of lapack routines (both low level and high level classes).


An Expression Evaluator Class for run-time evaluation of simple symbolic expressions. This is particularly suitable to facilitates the input process from free format files.