A Finite Volume Scheme for Two Dimensionally Chemically Reactive Hypersonic Flow

Enrico Bertolazzi


A finite volume, semi-implicit scheme, is proposed and discussed, which solves the two-dimensional Euler equations for the hypersonic flow of a mixture of chemically reactive specie.

The present scheme can be applied on a general, unstructured grid. The first order version guarantees non negativity of the densities and of the vibrational energies for arbitrarily large time steps. The semi-implicit time discretization of advective terms and the fully implicit discretization of the highly nonlinear terms yield a simple and efficient computer algorithm. Numerical tests show that shocks are well captured and the correct profiles for the chemical specie are reproduced at low computational cost.


Finite Volume, Semi-implicit, M-matrix.

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.1108/09615539810241114